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January 22, 2017

I’m still at awe! I’m also still waiting on a response from another warrior zzzzzzz
I don’t need him now because Robert Payne was timely in his response, patient, dilligent and thorough in helping me resolve my theme’s issues. I had stayed up the night before trying to figure out my problem and Robert was able to identify it right away by telling me a plugin had kind of taken over rights. He gave me a work around which has worked beautifully.

As the terminator would say, “I’ll be back”

Seriously, don’t think about it. If you have an issue, don’t waste time. Check Robert out.

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I turn frowns upside down. I love to help. Talk to me. Phone: (678) 653-7905 Web: www.robert-d-payne.com E-mail: rpayne@rdptechsolutions.com